Meet Alison Wyndham, The Author

Alison Wyndham, founder of the wyndham centres and began her career in 1971 when she trained as a physiotherapist at the Middlesex Hospital in London.Alison opened her first practice from her home in Baldock in 1979.She now runs one centre in Farringdon Road, London and one in Baldock, Hertfordshire.

Alison became interested in alternative therapies to complement traditional treatments and in 1980 qualified in acupuncture at the Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine.Alison’s interest in complementary medicine grew, especially in relation to clinical ecology (food sensitivities) and nutrition.In 1982 Alison qualified in clinical ecology.In the same year Alison also qualified in Vega Testing, a revolutionary test to detect food sensitivities and general health based on biological energy.

A unique test Alison had devised is the ‘Alternative Health Check’, using a series of orthodox and alternative tests to measure a patient’s general health and how it can be improved.As a physiotherapist, Alison aims to focus on preventing recurrences of work related injury and occupational low back and neck pain by addressing postural faults, muscular imbalances and ergonomic problems.

This ebook is the collection of knowledge and experience she’s gained from helping patients with IBS for over 35 years.