8 Helpful tips your might find help relieve your IBS

03 November 2010 Categories: Articles

Here’s 8 helpful tips you might find help relieve your IBS.

  1. Check your diet for sensitivities to foods. Food is the only thing that you put into our bowel and you can become sensitive to any of the foods you are eating especially if you eat them on a regular basis. If you have suffered a shock, an illness, a stressful time, or your immune system has been compromised you can develop sensitivities and they inevitably can cause bowel problems.
  2. If you have suffered any food poisoning make sure you take some anti parasite remedies to clear the gut.
  3. If you have taken antibiotics, steroid drugs or the contraceptive pill, or you are prone to eating a lot of sugar you may kill off the good bacteria in your gut, alter the flora and allow fungus to grow. A good anti-fungal can help and a good probiotic.
  4. Keep the integrity of the lining of your gut to prevent toxins getting in.
  5. Keep the correct alkaline/acid balance so that your enzymes work better.
  6. Eat a diet of fresh organic food, including fresh vegetables, green especially, fresh fruit and some organic meat and fish.
  7. Cut out processed foods and sugar, they will dampen down your immune system.
  8. Manage your stress levels.