More Treatments & Remedies for IBS

08 January 2011 Categories: Articles

1. Your diet is probably the most important start to sorting out your IBS. Try writing a food diary to see if the symptoms regularly start after consuming a certain food.  If that is difficult to decipher then an elimination diet may be more helpful.

However a much quicker way, is to get yourself tested for food sensitivities which will enable you to cut the foods that show up, out of your diet for 6-8 weeks, and you will then have a very good idea of which foods are the culprits.

2. If your symptoms started after food poisoning or after a trip abroad it would be worth taking a remedy to help clear the parasites.

3. If your symptoms developed after having taken antibiotics or steroids you may have a fungal problem.  The best way to help clear this is to take an anti-fungal remedy with some good probiotics.

4. When the lining of the gut becomes inflamed or damaged it disrupts the functioning of the digestive system.  The lining becomes rather like a sieve where the holes become large and allow bacteria, toxins and food to leak through into the body.  Large food antigens are foreign to the body’s defence system, so it attacks them resulting in the production of antibodies against once harmless foods and consequently a food sensitivity develops.

When the intestinal lining is damaged the carrier proteins that take the vitamins and minerals across become damaged too resulting in a vulnerability of the person to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

A good way to help a leaky gut is to take L-Glutamine, an amino acid found in many protein containing foods that helps to line the gut wall and improve the immune system within the gut.  Certain vitamin and minerals are also good for healing the gut wall and reducing inflammation.

5. If you get very bloated and windy quite soon after eating it may be that your digestive enzymes are not digesting the food correctly.  An acid/alkaline balance is essential in the body.  The stomach is supposed to be extremely acidic in order to digest the proteins and the rest of the digestive system is alkaline.  If there is an imbalance the digestive enzymes struggle to digest the food correctly.  A good supplement of digestive enzymes with a correct acid/alkaline balance can be very helpful.

6. Some people have found that if they are very constipated colonic irrigation can be helpful. It is a way of cleansing, exercising and toning the bowel, using warm purified water inserted via the rectum through a tube, and can be very helpful in removing impacted faeces and reducing the toxic load in the colon.

7. Many people who suffer with IBS say that stress is an important factor and can cause flare-ups and make the situation worse.  Stress causes chemical changes in the brain which act on the nerves in the colon and cause the intestines to contract or go into spasm too fast or too slow and it may in turn influence motility (the propelling of contents through the gut).

The Bach Flower remedies can be very helpful in relieving the stress levels and relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises and thought-changing techniques, can help slow your heart rate and reduce the amount of stress chemicals released by your brain.

One of the best meditation tapes that I would highly recommend is the Holosync system, that instantly, and gently, puts you into deep states of meditation, In fact, Holosync creates even deeper meditation than that achieved by veteran Zen monks.